Ken Nash

Photo of Ken Nash

Ken Nash

Nature Coast CARE Group Liaison

Born in Atlanta, Ga in 1949, Ken grew up in the nearby suburb of Decatur, Ga.  He graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1971 with a B.S. in Physics and was then commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Air Force. From 1971-1995 he served in the Air Force as a meteorologist.   He received my M.S in Atmospheric Sciences in 1985.

Ken is married to the former Mary Blake since 1972 and they have two adult daughters Meghan, 28 and Heather 25 both of whom were adopted at birth.

Since arriving in Citrus County, Florida in 1995, he has been involved as an adjunct teacher at the College of Central Florida from 1996-2015 and on the staff at Gulf Archaeology Research Institute, a not-for-profit research group since 1996 where he served as the Director of Physical Sciences.

Since 2006, Ken has served on the board of directors of the Isaiah Foundation, Inc, a faith-based not-for-profit group dedicated to helping families with children who have developmental disability needs.  This involvement came through working with a member of our local church who was the co-founder of the Isaiah Foundation.  His involvement with the Nature Coast CARES group as a liaison is rooted in a desire to connect families with unmet needs to a larger network of professionals in the region.  The goal is to have this group become an independent, self-sustaining community group as a result of its involvement during the Pipeline to PCORI effort.