Who is C.A.R.E?

The Collaboration for Autism Research and Engagement (CARE) is a partnership between groups from three rural Florida communities and researchers, stakeholders and adults with autism.

  Care Project Flow Chart

Our Mission

The mission of CARE is to improve the quality of life of individuals with ASD and their families. This mission will be addressed through the development of effective ways to facilitate early diagnosis and test culturally sensitive interventions in underserved rural communities.

The Project

The name of CARE’s current and primary project is the “Autism Collaboration Engagement” project, hereafter referred to as the ACE project. ACE is a partnership between individuals with ASD, family members of individuals with ASD, service providers to individuals with ASD, researchers with expertise in ASD, and university employees with expertise in ASD.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the ACE project is to form lasting and reciprocal partnerships between ASD researchers and the key ASD stakeholders- the underserved rural families and individuals with ASD, and the community members who provide care in order to identify and reduce service barriers (e.g., in schools, work places) and facilitate proper treatment through development and execution of patient-centered outcomes research in ASD.

Core Principles            

  1. Patient engagement
  2. Patient-centered outcomes
  3. Co-creating potential solutions and/or strategies for addressing co-identified problems, issues, and questions
  4. Evidence-based research
  5. Equitable partnership
  6. Trust
  7. Cooperative participation
  8. Collaborative learning
  9. Capacity building
  10. Sustainability

Our Groups

CARE Groups

CARE groups are comprised of adults with ASD, family members of an individual with ASD, someone who provides services to individuals with ASD, or someone that advocates for individuals with ASD and/or families of individuals with ASD. These individuals reside, providing services, or advocate in one of the projects underserved rural communities.

Community Advisory Board (CAB)

The CAB is comprised of family members of individuals with ASD, individuals with ASD, community members who provide care to individuals with ASD and/or the families of individuals with ASD, and members of the research team who have expertise in ASD.  Participating researchers, university employees, and university affiliates all have expertise in ASD.

Meet Current CAB Members

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Current Project Funding